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Alexander's First Snowman

Today Alexander and Muma got to build their first snowman together. The snow was sticky and heavy and perfect for rolling with the help of Alexander's strong muscles. Lifting was not so easy though- we had to call in Papa for that part! We piled him high, brushed off some of the grass and leaves and tried to give him some semblance of shape. Then we had a 'snowman kit' from Nana, and Alex was very excited to stick in the nose, buttons and help with the eyes (Muma did the mouth). We staked in his hat with tent stakes (we just happened to have our little tent up in the front room today for some pretend camping), and used a broken dowel for his arms, and voila! Alex thought he was just pretty neat and hopes that "he will not melt too soon," he says.

By Winkler World Online
On Thursday, January 14, 2010
At 9:04 PM
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When You're Too Impatient for the Big Snow...

We've been getting a little impatient around here for the big snow dumping. So yesterday, in a break from the nose-bitting temperatures, we took some moments to enjoy the dustings that we've had so far. Aidan spent most of the post-lunch galavant watching excitedly from the window. When Muma decided to bring him out, he quickly realized that watching the fun was a whole lot more comfortable than wearing the oversized marshmallow suit and sitting in the cold. Eventually, he did manage to squeak out a couple of smiles. Alexander, on the other hand, was just enjoying the wonder of the season and the thrill of the sled-pull, even when tipped over in the snow with sled flopped on top. Muma and Papa's favorite was the flat-fall backwards (Alex called it a flop) into our two inches of un-fluff preceding the snow-angel making. Oh what fun! Who needs a dumping?? :)

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On Thursday, January 07, 2010
At 2:07 PM
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twinkle lights

This year with our zoo memberships, we bundled up and went to see "The Lights Before Christmas" with our friends, the Mills. Even though it was cold, the twinkling lights, musical show with dancing Alexander and family, excitement, festivities and togetherness made for a wonderfully happy-hearted family outing. Alexander's excitement in seeing the sea of twinkles as we came out of the dining hall into the darkness was a memory we will never forget. Even Muma was super giddy and Papa his lighthearted goofy self. It was such an awesome sight and show, that we made a second trip with the grandparents the Sunday after Christmas, and we even found the large model train display we'd missed the first time around. What treasured moments of the holiday season at the spot of so many smiles throughout the year.

By Winkler World Online
On Monday, December 28, 2009
At 9:59 PM
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Wow Family Christmas 2009


Aidan's First Christmas

Aidan's first Christmas Season almost 8 mos

We've had some pretty special Christmases the last couple of years, but this one marks another hallmark year as we celebrate Aidan's very first Christmas. And with the season, he's had a few little surprises of his own for us as he's been going through another 'explosion' phase of skills, discoveries, and little insights into his character.
  • Aidan loves the Christmas tree lights, when we come down the stairs in the morning a big smile dawns on his face.
  • Of all places he's pretty content to sit by the Christmas tree. The sparkly snowflakes on the tree skirt and the pretty green branches are a major motivator (and frustration) to get him moving.
  • Aidan's spent quite a bit of time riding in the carrier on Muma's back watching the rolling out of various cookie dough episodes, and sleepily observing all the frosting commotion.
  • Alex is so kind to point out to him his presents under the tree and put a few treasures in his stocking. One evening, to much ado, Aidan began to open one of Alexander's presents. "No snooping!" called Alexander. "That's my present, Aidan!" as he ran laughing to rescue it just in time.
  • Aidan has made the switch to the new car seat from Grammy & Grampapa. Now he gets bundled in coat and hood/hat and shoes just like a big boy when we go out. Though it's a bit less convenient, he's certainly a lot lighter!
  • We have a scoocher! A backwards scoocher that is... and much to his frustration. He sees his target object and gets up on fours, and finds that his movement takes him farther from his goal than closer to it... then everyone hears about it!
  • He's resolved himself that if required, when necessary, he will hold his own bottle. He doesn't get them too often, and still much prefers nursing with Muma, so it's taken us a while to get him to hold his bottle for a meal. (usually he holds it as a messy chew toy) But finally with some training and fussing, he's given in and held his first relatively neat meal this week.
  • He's got a mouthful of new Christmas teeth. He's sprouted three top teeth (with more on the way) in just the last week or so. Needless to say, we've had some very fussy teething bouts the past several weeks.
  • Aidan loves to stand and hold onto the couch. He can pull himself up by holding our fingers, or his crib (still not on the couch yet, though) so of course we've lowered the crib a level as well.
  • He's finally ready to move! Until recently, he's had very little desire to get somewhere new, but with all the holiday commotion and sparkly things in the house, it seems he's sprouted some motivation. We've had a few crawling lessons, and he can get up on all fours and rock rock rock... Then one hand... splat! Usually followed by frustrated screeches and tears... Soon, little one-- very soon!
  • He's got a few little games that he's started playing on his own. Spontaneous bouts of peek-a-boo (covering his face, then uncovering it quick with a giggle) are now common, specially at nap time when he doesn't want to sleep but Muma does..., big splashes in the bathtub, experiments with banging, taking toys out of a box/ark and learning to put them in, and his newest trick slapping Muma's hand.
  • Aidan is really interactive with other babies his age. He and his buddy Jonathan have great bouts giggling, grabbing, and reaching for each other. In stores or out and about he really focuses on them and smiles with them. When he comes to toys, he also seems more deliberate in his play- taking care with each piece rather than some random unfocused play we've seen... before. ahem...
  • Aidan has just taken another leap in interacting with us, from new sounds and syllables (mamama, papapa, favorite fish mouth sound), lifting his arms for up and helping get dressed, and giggles, smiles, definite preferences. It's such a delight seeing what new things he'll discover next.

Aidan in Sabbath School and 'riding on a camel'

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On Saturday, December 19, 2009
At 10:39 PM
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We did a few round of cookies this year- though mostly stuck to sugar cookies and decorating. Grammy came down one Wednesday and we did some punch-outs with our good friends the Mills. Later we got together to let the kids do some decorating together. Alex and Muma punched out a second set for some more detailed (less chaotic) grown-up decorating with our good friend, Ellen. Us crazy grown-ups started after the kiddos were in bed and finished clean-up around 1am. All in all we ended up with some beautiful, some super sprinkley, all very tasty treasures. With, of course, a few pics along the way:

By Winkler World Online
On Thursday, December 17, 2009
At 10:15 PM
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First Christmas Portraits

We did a set of First Christmas pics for Aidan. Though we didn't do a real order, we wanted to capture they memory, and they turned out pretty cute. We thought we'd share them here... :)

click on this link to go to the studio-you can choose your own name/login to enter the site

By Winkler World Online
On Tuesday, December 15, 2009
At 12:54 PM
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